Video 2


women and men surrounding minister’s houses, asking for 60sft land to have there houses.

people moving as part of landstruggles.

As part of the land struggles assigned lands of ramoji rao are given to the poor and the needy.

Courtesy etv2 All the content has been televised in etv2 news bulletin.

She is a diabetic peacefully protesting along with others when a male policeman comes and hits her(Male policemen are not supposed to hit women by law)


3 responses to “Videos

  1. lahari

    This is the height of brutality. The YSR can’t take the state back to the anarchic era. He is a rouge who needs to quit immediately.

  2. vikranth

    its a very cruel attack. its attack on the democracy.
    peopole should condem this attack its immoral.

  3. siva shanker

    this is the incident which happened due to the facist, cruel, undemocratic ways of the y.s.r. governament.left must down ysr otherwise it gives wrong message to the people.

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