Mudigonda Killings

Brutal firing by police on peaceful agitators in Mudigonda (Khammam)

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Photo4 photo5 Photo6
photo7 Photo8 Photo9
photo10 Photo11 Photo12
Photo13 Photo14 Photo15
Photo16 Photo17 Photo18
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Photo22 Photo23  

5 responses to “Mudigonda Killings

  1. Tirumala

    bhayam karanga vundhi

  2. Ravi

    YS is idiotic and goonda CM, AP has ever seen.He is the worst possible CM that can happen to any state.Most corrupted govt AP has ever seen.Mudigonda incident will cost him very dear.

  3. very very horrible incident. Poor people for a land of 60 yards to live they have lost their lives

  4. In the context of SEZs, Land ownership, is center to all democratic struggles. All Indians condemn this & are with Andhra People, esp, CPI(M) and CPI. Ofcourse the bigger danger to the alternative policy is Budhadev & NOT YSR.Reddy.

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