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Please sign the petition condemning the police firing on the peaceful protests in Khammam. 8 people have been killed, the situation of 3 is critical and in total 16 members have received bullet injuries.

The petition link is at



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3 responses to “Add Your Voice

  1. KhazaMohiddinShaik

    This is very worst/inhuman act by the police and the state Gavt on the poor and destitute people who were demanding Lands.Eversince the Congress Govt.has come into power in AndhraPradesh,voilence has tremendiously increased.During the Bombblast in OldCity,many innocent people were Killed by the Police.This is to be brought to Notice of the UNHRC and International Watchdog on Human rights.I sincerely Condemn the killing of Innocent People.



  3. Veeraiah

    This is a historic movement in Andra Pradesh after All Party Movement in 1978 on Farmers issues. on the count of wide spread mobilization stands through out the country there can’t be any comparison in any state over the last 3 decades. The strength of the movement lies in the fact that the period of struggle. As per the available information the movement is alive since more than 3 months. On these counts it is a historic movement. I wish to bring another fact of this movement also. The place of movement in Andhra Pradesh which was made as a testing case by Chandra Babu Naidu for his World Bank Aided Economic Policies. Despite the laurels Chandra Babu recieved for his Vison 2020, this movement brought forward the real face and pace of development which is going on in the state over the last decade. The people who are participating are all the representatives of the sections which were left out on the sidelines of Flying Over vision 2020. This movement also shatters another lie that Indian Economy is reaching in to new hights. Fact to be underlined here is that despite the media hype about India becoming a Super Power the on going struggle in Andhra Pradesh can be an eye opener to all about the exact state of affairs.

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